Visible Learning

At St John the Baptist Catholic School we are committed to the Visible Learning principles.

Visible Learning is an effective professional development program drawn from John Hattie’s international research about the positive impact educators have on student learning, progress and achievement.

Visible Learning compliments and supports our beliefs; that our goal is to support students to become thriving people, capable learners and leaders for the world God desires. We believe that our students have every capacity to become capable learners who can articulate their learning and monitor their progress.   
That students can accept, evaluate and interpret effective feedback and assessment results to develop their own learning goals, supported by families and teachers. 

At St John the Baptist Catholic School Visible Learning supports students to: 

  • Develop greater ownership and responsibility of their learning journey 
  • Develop higher expectations of themselves and their capacity as a learner 
  • Feel safe and a sense of belonging in a positive environment 
  • Co-construct and articulate clear learning intentions to understand purpose 
  • Develop and use success criteria as a guide for success 
  • Set personal learning goals, relevant to their progress 
  • Engage with, seek, act on and give feedback to empower and improve learning 
  • Reflect on their learning journey and identifying areas for further growth 
  • Refer to learning intentions and success criteria to guide their learning 
  • Identify ‘mistakes’ as opportunities for further learning and growth, and  
  • Be capable, visible learners who talk about their learning 

Learning Dispositions are data-derived learner qualities that enhance a student’s ability to learn. They are life skills which are essential for success at school and in the wider world. 

At St John the Baptist Catholic School we are learners who strive to be Persistent, Engaged, Resilient, Reflective and Collaborative. Each Learning Disposition is explicitly taught through a character profile and age appropriate related learning resources.

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